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Nylon 70G-33 blkHouston Reg. BoxesT/L's

Acrylic M-7369 Red Cinn.VirginBoxes 3,100

PVC, wet resin, rigid HoustonPowder SupersakT/L's
PVC flex scrapHoustonScrapBoxes300,000
PVC rigid scrapHoustonScrapBoxes 200,000
EVA, ChevronLaredoVirginBoxes 5,832
Color ConcentratesHoustonPelletBoxes 40,000
LDPE film scrapHoustonFilmBoxes 100,000
LDPE repro, filmHoustonPelletBoxesT/L's
LLDPE repro, filmHoustonPelletBoxesT/L's
EMAC, clearHoustonRegBoxes 40,000
PVC, K-57HoustonVirgin Resin50-lb bag 50,000
PVC, K-59HoustonVirgin Resin50-lb bag 200,000

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